Privacy policy

Floor Seasons respects your privacy and complies with State and Federal Privacy Laws.

At present, floor seasons uses a webstatistics program to analyse our site visitor’s browsing path within our site only. The webstats collect data such as browser types, IP addresses, the pages viewed by visitors and the search engines which have led visitors to our site.

None of the information collected is used to identify any individual. We use statistical information to assist us to design better navigation for our visitors, and to provide suitable content and links based on visitor browsing preferences.

We obtain email addresses from individuals who voluntarily email Floor Seasons directly from our site.

Email information is used to respond to requests from customers. Floor Seasons marketing materials are sent on an opt-in opt-out basis, where recipients can opt-out.

Other than for the purpose of resolving your enquiry, Floor Seasons does not give your email address nor any other information provided by you, to any other third party, and will never give your email address to any agency, subscription service or marketing entity.