porcelain ceramic stone mosaic tiles

Tiles can be uniquely characteristised through design, production processes and a variety of earthen material ingredients. However, it’s the final composition of the tile product which determines the tile category to which it belongs.

Ceramic, porcelain, clay, artificial stone and glass all have purpose and a place in designing living spaces. Floor Seasons boutique range of high quality tiles is perfectly suited to our urban Sydney market, ensuring you receive quality tiles with style and distinction.

Floor Seasons supplies a select quality range of each of these tile types and we particularly specialise in natural stone, including travertine, marble, limestone and bluestone. Our range of imported stone tiles come a long way to resonate their beauty in Australian living spaces!

floor tiles terracotta

Floor Seasons introduces 21st century traditional hand made terracotta tiles in three beautiful colours:

terracotta black white red

Hand made terracotta clay floor tiles can be used in walkways, kitchens, patios and bathrooms with endless possibilities. Contact us for more information. Samples available.